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Top 5 Stratford, CT – Scenic Drives to Test Your Vehicle After a Repair

Top 5 Stratford, CT – Scenic Drives to Test Your Vehicle After a Repair

Stratford, CT, is a charming town with beautiful scenery. What you may not know is that it’s home to some fantastic routes for a leisurely drive. Shortly after a vehicle repair or restoration, take a test drive to see that everything is in working order. Stratford has some incredible routes for you to consider here are 5 top picks for the best scenic drives in Stratford to test your vehicle after a repair. Read on to learn about these hidden gems to help ensure your car is running smoothly post-repair.

1. Roosevelt Forest Drive

Test For: Suspension and Brakes

The Roosevelt Forest offers winding, tree-lined roads which are perfect for testing your car’s suspension and brakes. The nature-rich drive offers a serene environment allowing you to focus on your vehicle’s performance. Plus, the relatively low-speed limits give you ample opportunity to pay attention to any unusual noises or vibrations.

2. Long Beach Boulevard

Test For: Alignment and Tire Balance

Long Beach Boulevard offers a smooth stretch of road that runs parallel to the water, making it the ideal spot for testing wheel alignment and tire balance. The straight, even road surface lets you easily notice if your vehicle drifts to one side or if your steering wheel vibrates, both signs of alignment or balance issues.

3. Housatonic River Drive

Test For: Transmission and Acceleration

The Housatonic River will provide you with some spectacular views when you take this drive to test your car’s transmission and acceleration. The road is versatile, with a mix of straightaways and slight inclines. This can help you assess how smoothly your vehicle shifts gears and accelerates. This is crucial, especially after repairs involving your transmission or engine.

4. Paradise Green Circle

Test For: Steering and Handling

Looping around the historic Paradise Green area, this circuit offers tight turns and varying road conditions to test your vehicle’s steering and handling capabilities. If you’ve recently had work done on your steering system or had new tires installed, this route will help you verify that everything is in top shape.

5. Sikorsky Memorial Bridge Drive

Test For: Overall Vehicle Performance

Crossing the Housatonic River, this iconic bridge offers a straight but high-speed route, making it excellent for testing your vehicle’s overall performance. From engine response to brake efficiency, you can assess various aspects of your car in one quick trip. Plus, the view from the bridge is absolutely stunning.

Stratford, CT, is not only a picturesque town but also boasts some of the best roads for testing your vehicle after repairs. Whether you’re looking to assess your car’s suspension, alignment, or overall performance, Stratford scenic drives offer an array of options for every need. So, the next time you get your car back from the shop, why not take it for a spin along one of these beautiful routes?

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