Automotive Paint

Automotive Paint at Towne Body Shop

Automotive Paint At Towne Body Shop

Your vehicle represents a significant investment. After a collision, safety being the first consideration, it is likely that your primary concern is maintaining the value and fine appearance of your vehicle and bringing it back to its pre-existing condition. One element of the value and appearance of your vehicle is its paint and finish.

Depending on the damage and its location, matching, blending, and feathering, of the finish may be necessary. Towne Body Shop is a Gold Class® service provider maintaining the highest industry standards of knowledge and training. Our technicians are I-CAR® trained and certified, possessing the requisite skill and experience to deliver amazing results.

We are committed to utilization of the latest techniques, paint and finish products, and processes needed to restore your vehicle to its showroom condition. Towne Body Shop will expertly handle your automotive paint needs. From a full-finish restoration to smaller, matching repairs, you can count on us!

For more information about our automotive paint capabilities, contact us today online or by calling 203.375.5288 to speak with a member of our team – Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.